Presenter Resources

Webinar Week - Presenters

Thank you for being a presenter at CEUG! We appreciate your willingness to present in a totally new environment. This information is intended to help you prepare.

Not unlike a live event, there are some logistics in a virtual event. Please make sure you have made all the necessary preparations for the event.

What to Expect

  • CEUG will review the submission and contact you
  • Initial Meeting
    • Nothing formal!
    • Introductions and your webinar plans
    • We will discuss edits if any, on what will be posted to communicate the session
    • Determine the best date and time to support the different time zones and other webinars
    • Determine the length of time. Usually, it is 50-60 minutes depending on the venue
    • Discuss any webinar needs
  • CEUG will send you any questions from registrations in advance by registrants
  • Send us a copy of the completed slide deck

Dress Rehearsal

  • A day before (or so) we can have a dress rehearsal
  • Discuss internal communication if needed as we are online
  • Test uploading and sharing your PowerPoint on teams to get the most of the facilitation
  • Use the same method of login that you will use for the session
  • Discuss muting and chat options during the session to be set up


The Session

CEUG uses Microsoft Teams

  • Join 10 minutes early for set up or if any questions
  • Check setup for teams is in place as discussed 
  • Always have a presentation to guide attendees through the conversation
  • Allot 5 minutes for introductions and 5 for closing
  • Let people know if you want them to ask questions during the session or after
  • Allocate time for user discussions
  • For the closing, please mention asking attendees to fill out the survey, continue discussions in the forum and next events


CEUG PowerPoint Templates

Feel free to use any of the formats included based on your preference or that representing your institution 

Template - Webinar week 2022 BOFs and Presentations