OA Solutions – Looking for a simple way to EXTRACT and REPORT on your financial data?

OA FEB 2021

Data is often maintained in multiple locations and accessed by various stakeholders using a variety of system components and/or ad-hoc reporting tools. Wouldn't it be great to have a single tool that extracted data from a variety of disparate systems and provided your stakeholders with consolidated reports?

OA Solutions has been providing consulting services to Ellucian® Colleague® users for over 20 years and are excited to introduce you to a simple, yet effective financial reporting tool that enables Colleague® financial data to be accessible directly in Microsoft Excel. OA COLLect is an Ellucian® Colleague® extract developed by OA Solutions that integrates with the Microsoft Excel add-in F9. F9, from Infor® Global Solutions, Inc., is a leader in Microsoft Excel based financial reporting with over 60,000 installations.

The combination of OA COLLect and F9 gives you the following advantages:

  • Availability of multiple years (open and closed fiscal years) and ability to report over fiscal periods,
  • Detail transactional data is pulled from Ellucian® Colleague’s® sub-ledgers (AR Invoices, Cash Receipts and Payroll)
  • Drill-down capabilities (including details from sub-ledgers (Accounts Receivable and Payroll))
  • Improved system performance with the ability to archive closed fiscal years
  • Drop and refresh data on demand
  • Automate/schedule MS Excel report data refresh
  • Automate/schedule MS Excel report distribution via internal network, email, and/or Sharepoint
  • Reduced efforts to meet institutional reporting requirements
  • Easy to learn, utilizing the power of MS Excel to design high functioning reports
  • Easy and therefore fast implementation

Contact us to arrange a private demonstration for you and your staff on how this amazing, yet simple tool can reduce the frustration you are experiencing in financial reporting.



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Published: February 23, 2021