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OA Solutions Streamline Processes

As institutions grow:

  • The number and complexity of processes tends to increase dramatically
  • Some processes are duplicated; others become redundant
  • Data is often maintained in multiple locations and accessed by various stakeholders using a variety of system components and/or ad-hoc reporting tools 
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As a result, inconsistent information is often extracted from the institution’s data; errors in interpretation can occur and, in general, productivity decreases and the potential for the introduction of further complexity increases.

How we can help:  Business Process Review (BPR)

During the initial stages of most major engagements, we frequently recommend that an institution undertake a Business Process Review (BPR) to identify and manage risks to the project, ensure minimal budget surprises, and build end-user satisfaction. BPRs can also be used as a “health-check” for the existing operations of the institution’s manual and technology-based systems.

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Benefits of a BPR include:

  • Streamlined Operations
  • Increased Productivity
  • Eliminate Duplicate and Redundant Processes
  • Data Rationalization and Consolidation
  • Reduce Processing and Interpretation Errors
  • Automation of Labour-Intensive Operations
  • Increased End-User Satisfaction

Contact us to arrange a confidential and complementary consultation for you and your staff to determine if a Business Process Review can benefit your institution.