TouchNet OneCard Upgrades Campus Experience for Students, Staff, and Visitors

TouchNet OneCard Upgrades Campus Experience for Students, Staff, and Visitors

Today’s campus ID is much more than simply identification. Campus IDs can be used for building access, dining plans, class check-in, library check-out, purchases via closed loop declining balance, event ticketing, campus transportation, alerts and notifications, and more.

With this many capabilities in one place, the campus experience is improved as students conveniently perform tasks quickly and without friction. But to implement these features the campus ID needs to connect with campus systems and be easy to use.

With TouchNet OneCard Campus ID, you get identity management that improves the student experience by meeting their expectations, increases staff productivity through automations and integrations, and provides campus visitors with better services.

The security of everyone on campus is improved, too. OneCard integrates door access controls and the student information system to synchronize and update in real-time. Staff can quickly and remotely manage access control to activate, suspend, resume, and remove permissions whenever and wherever needed.

OneCard also provides powerful features that reduce the burdens on staff in the card office. From printing cards to taking ID photos, manual and time-intensive office work transitions to online, digital automations managed anytime, and from anywhere.

To explore some of the many capabilities of modern campus ID solutions, here are three real world outcomes that higher education institutions in Canada have achieved by using TouchNet OneCard Campus ID.

    1. Embracing the Capabilities of Mobile

Finding ways to save money while ensuring a great student experience led a Canadian campus serving more than 1,000 students to embrace the OneCard Campus ID via the 360u app. The institution decided to skip printing plastic cards and allow students to use the OneCard 360u app on their phones as a campus ID with additional capabilities to open doors, park on campus, use meal plans, add money to a declining balance, purchase food, vending, and pay for laundry. Students simply scan QR codes in the app and the transaction is processed. Campus services sets up and monitors accounts, modifies balances, works with meal plans, and pulls reports in one spot to easily manage the activity made possible by the OneCard 360u app.

    2. Streamlining Campus Management and Better Serving Students

A top university in Canada operating five campuses made it easier to leverage campus services by using TouchNet’s OneCard Campus ID. Students use their ID to access residence halls and the recreation center, check-in to class, and register for and attend events. Administrators set up and manage permissions remotely, run tailored reports, and automate notifications. This flexibility and automation combine to streamline campus management and benefit students, decreasing card office workload and increasing use of student services.

    3. Managing Temporary Visitors

For an urban Canadian institution regularly hosting visitors across four campuses, using OneCard’s Campus ID gives card staff the ability to easily manage temporary access requirements while ensuring security. For summer camps, conferences, and student orientations, campus IDs are set up for visitors to access lodging (student housing serve as hotel rooms), restrict or grant entry to buildings and laboratories, and administer meal plans through campus dining halls. The institution is able to quickly pull reports and create invoices based on actual usage by visitors, increasing the accuracy of accounting and the efficiency of operations and services.

Data Insights to Improve Services

OneCard Campus ID not only delivers more and better campus services, but data on their use can be analyzed to find ways to improve and optimize the services. OneCard generates usable data from every activity it’s involved in, providing administrators with previously inaccessible insights.

By analyzing data generated through student check-ins and other activities, staff can evaluate student attendance and engagement to discover significant indicators. Potential problems with balancing academic demands and work or acclimating to campus life can be identified and addressed sooner, putting students more at ease and more aware of resources that can help them avoid unnecessary withdrawals.

Data on specific services can be aggregated for insights as well, with data continuously synced to provide fresh insights. For instance, dining services can pull data on traffic flow and adjust their operations to better match student habits.

Transforming Daily Tasks Transforms the Campus Experience

TouchNet OneCard Campus ID simplifies and enhances ID management to deliver more capabilities for students and staff. Users get the secure access and modern campus experience they want, while institutions automate and streamline processes, improve security, and gain useful campus engagement data.

OneCard also revamps campuses by breaking down silos between offices. By integrating with student information systems and other campus solutions, as well as access control hardware, performing daily tasks on campus becomes a unified experience for students and staff.

OneCard can be expanded with unique and specialized applications, and integrated with new solutions as technology and its users evolve. With OneCard, technology and institutions transform together to serve the entire campus.

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