Touchnet – The Path to a Safer Campus is Contactless

February 16, 2021

Since the pandemic began, colleges and universities have faced new challenges keeping students safe on campus. TouchNet has responded with blogs, podcasts, publications, and webinars offering schools advice on transitioning to contactless technologies. We’ve partnered with new companies that offer contactless solutions. We’ve also updated or begun work on our own apps and products to expand contactless capabilities on physical campuses.

To assist schools as they continue pivoting to new solutions we’ve combined our contactless content, updates, partners, news, and more on our dedicated Contactless Campus site. There you’ll find a variety of resources and solutions to help schools implement contactless technologies, maintain social distancing, and keep students focused on learning:

  • If you’re researching your contactless technology options, our contactless checklist can help you get familiar with associated technologies and keep track of those you’re interested in learning more about.
  • Ready to give students more dining options and make campus eateries more competitive? TouchNet’s OrderAhead app simplifies contactless ordering, scheduling, and delivery.
  • When it’s time for an in-depth look at the terms and tools associated with contactless technologies, Your Guide to Creating a Contactless Campus offers step-by-step suggestions that can help you pivot to low- or no-contact payments, credentials, dining and more.

You’ll find related links to the resources above at