Membership Meetings

Structure & Responsibilities

Annual CEUG Conference 

  • The Annual CEUG conference is a key advocacy and collaboration opportunity for Canadian Ellucian clients;
  • The Annual CEUG Conference is a non-profit event (flow-through activity) providing start-up funds for the Conference in subsequent years; and
  • The Annual Business Meeting is held at the CEUG conference and includes election of Directors, presentation of annual financial statements, and overall strategic direction for the organization over the next fiscal year.
  • In the event that the CEUG conference is not held, the Annual Business Meeting will be conducted virtually and shall be open to all members.

Number of Meetings

  • The Directors shall meet a minimum of three times annually in order to provide guidance and oversight for the annual Organizing Committee for the Conference and operation of the website;
  • Other business may, if the need arises, be conducted by the Directors.


  • A simple majority of CEUG Directors at Board meetings shall constitute a quorum;
  • A majority of Director votes cast shall be required to carry an issue;
  • All CEUG voting members (one per institution) present at the Annual Business Meeting shall have, by majority vote, the power to:
    1. Elect Directors;
    2. Adopt the rules and agenda governing membership meetings;
    3. Amend the Bylaws in accordance with Article VII; and
    4. Refer any matter(s) to the Directors, including recommendations for action, and may request the Directors to report on such matters at an agreeable time.

Meeting Purpose

The Board: 

  • Will establish strategic direction for the organization;
  • Directors will report out on their areas of responsibility;
  • Will ensure CEUG business is conducted according to federal not-for-profit protocol;
  • Will monitor and review annual financial reports and statements of CEUG and approve the annual Conference budget;
  • Will ensure segregation of duties maintained within conference committee; and
  • Will provide oversight for the CEUG Conference committee.