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December 4, 2020

This is our series of monthly blogs, case studies and other news from our Corporate Sponsors


Re-Imagining Student Engagement at the University of Leeds

The University of Leeds has established a transformational change programme called the ‘Student Lifecycle Programme’ to improve the processes, systems, and ways of working that supports student education administration across the student lifecycle from enquiry to graduation.

Strata Information Group (SIG) was selected to support the university on the basis of extensive industry experience as well as functional and technical knowledge about the Ellucian Banner® solution. The project utilised the SIG Back-to-Basics methodology to fast-track business process requirements that would form the foundation for a detailed implementation strategy.

Check out SIG's case study that describes how SIG helped the Student Lifecycle Programme to organise tasks, prioritise work-streams, and plan its next phase objectives.


November 24, 2020

This is our series of monthly blogs, case studies and other news from our Corporate Sponsors

Taking the friction out of processing tuition refunds for Canadian educational institutions

It is a challenging time for educational institutions in Canada, with increased demand for tuition refunds taking a toll on school staff and resources. Traditional ways of processing tuition refunds have left schools reliant on archaic systems which have lagged in innovation and efficiencies. Refunds may sound like a simple and turnkey transaction, but when it comes to providing a refund to a student, the process becomes complex, costly and time intensive.

When a domestic student requests a tuition refund educational institution’s undergo high processing fees, heavy paper pushing and data acquisition, and manual backend accounting updates and entries. This process can last a tedious one to three weeks to refund tuition payments back to the student.

At PayMyTuition, our goal is to develop innovative solutions that are designed with educational institutions in mind to solve the complex challenges that they experience with traditional ways of payment processing. By way of our newly developed AI and machine learning technology, we can now enable colleges and universities to settle tuition refund payments simply and easily in a matter of minutes, removing the friction that exists within the space today.

Platinum Sponsor Announcement - SIG

November 23, 2020 - CEUG is pleased to welcome SIG (Strata Information Group) as a Platinum Sponsor.

SIG offers functional and technical consulting expertise in Ellucian Banner®, Colleague® and Degree Works, remote Oracle database administration, short term or ongoing staff augmentation, and large-scale transformation projects such as ERP system consolidation or optimization, technology adoption, cloud migration, business process redesign, and support for shared services.

SIG exists to help clients drive a new era of student engagement by realizing the full potential of their IT ecosystems.  SIG’s deep understanding of higher education and the Ellucian portfolio of products and solutions allows for rapid assessment and identification of opportunities to better use existing functionality as designed, improve processes, or reduce complexity for cloud migration.

Platinum Sponsor Announcement - PayMyTuition

November 19, 2020 - CEUG is pleased to welcome PayMyTuition as a Platinum Sponsor. 

“Having this level of sponsorship with the CEUG is an opportunity for us to grow our partnership with them even further, while having the ability to expand our awareness across their educational institution community in Canada,” said Arif Harji, Director, Chief Market Strategist at MTFX Group, “As a company who puts technology first, we know the importance of working with leading-edge system integrators like Ellucian and the value they offer schools across the country. Our goal at PayMyTuition is to save schools time and money with our innovative technologies by removing the friction that exists within the student payments space today.”


Let's Connect

October 29, 2020 - It’s just over a year since we gathered as a community of collaborators in Vancouver BC and just over two years since we were together in Toronto. We know that we likely will not gather as a face-to-face community in the near future but we want to maintain that connectivity in order to continue to collaborate. To that end, your Board has developed the CEUG.CA website and has engaged with our vendors who are sponsoring that website in order to connect with all of us. We have a discussion forum and plan to host webinars where we can seek out ideas and innovate with our processes.

We need YOU to sign up! Be sure to have your institutional colleagues also sign up. For every referral, you will receive a bonus entry in the Apple Watch Draw at the Annual General Meeting.

We also need you to attend the CEUG Annual General Meeting to be scheduled in late November. All attendees will be entered into a draw for an Apple Watch and one representative from each of your schools will need to act as the voting member at that meeting. This is a critical time for CEUG. We need YOU to keep our community strong.

CEUG pragmatica-browserheader-2

The CEUG.CA website is launching

October 9, 2020 - Canadian Ellucian users should Register to access forums and resources. Watch the news for Notice of the Annual General Meeting (win an Apple Watch for attending and voting).

Vendors interested in sponsoring the CEUG.CA website with great benefits should contact to request a sponsorship package (while still available).