digital campus eStore

PayMyTuition develops digital campus eStore capabilities for educational institutions

May 18, 2022 - PayMyTuition has launched an innovative digital campus eStore solution for educational institutions. This launch, adding to their recent all-in-one solution offering, will equip colleges and universities with a new contactless way to sell campus goods and services within a single online self-service web application, eliminating the friction that exists within traditional campus commerce payment processing solutions in the category today.MT

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PMT Real time paymts

PayMyTuition expands innovative real-time payment plan capabilities to educational institutions

April 5, 2022 - An exciting announcement from PayMyTuition with their launch of their innovative solution for student payment plans incorporating comprehensive enrollment criteria capabilities for colleges and universities.

This launch will enable educational institutions to provide students with increased flexibility through highly personalized installment plans that utilize financial position detection technology to validate student banking information and account balance status in real-time with direct integration into their student information systems for the first time. PMT

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Smart Steps to a Strong PCI Foundation

February 24, 2022 - Keep up with changing PCI Compliance Standards and what they mean for your campus. Touchnet highlights Smart Steps to a Strong PCI Foundation. 

Compliance with PCI standards is a substantial ongoing project for even the smallest organization. For higher education, where institutions have the size and complexity of an entire city, PCI compliance can be a formidable challenge. Managing and achieving compliance is made easier by creating a durable foundation that supports the people, processes, policies, and technology involved in payment processing. Read more on how starting starting with a strong foundation can ease the work of compliance.

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PMT Financial Payment Protection News

The Power of Financial Position Detection Technology in Student Payments

February 15, 2022 - Major pain points within the student payments process have always been the lack of transparency in transfer status, payments arriving at educational institutions without sufficient beneficiary information, or additional unforeseen fees being charged throughout the transfer process. Learn how the power of financial position detection technology from PayMyTuition that can verify account balances in real-time has revolutionized the student payment experience for educational institutions and their students. PMT Read PayMyTuition's blog

PMT Integration Blog

Direct Integration into Your Student Information System Doesn't Have to be Difficult

December 13, 2021 - Integrating a new payments service solution into your student information system (SIS) traditionally is a time intensive and manually led process that has high costs and puts a lot of strain on internal resources. Fortunately, this is no longer the case due to PayMyTuition's innovative solutions utilizing a unique containerized install. Read more about how PayMyTuition is changing the student payments game with their next-generation technologies with direct integration into institutions SIS for the first time. 

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Review TouchNet’s annual Student Financial Experience Report

Moving to Mobile Solutions Benefits Students and Staff

December 6, 2021 - TouchNet’s annual Student Financial Experience Report surveys higher ed students on their use of and attitudes toward digital and mobile applications and their related financial habits. The results show how heavily students rely on their smartphones and how they want to use them to manage finances and more. 

Through mobile solutions, students have the ability to make payments, access buildings and rooms, dine on campus, pay and gain access to events, check in to class, make reservations for goods and services, and more.

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eMarketplace and eStores blog image

PayMyTuition is Digitizing the entire student experience through eMarketplaces and eStores

December 1, 2021 - The idea of a completely cashless campus is a concept that higher education institutions need to consider more seriously as COVID19 persists. To support institutions in this demand shift, the team at PayMyTuition has developed an innovative eMarketplaces and eStores solution. Read more about how this innovative solution for educational institutions will save time, money and offer a unique and enhanced digital experience for staff, students, parents, and alumni alike. 

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Companies Expand Tuition Assistance to Employee Benefits, Higher Ed Institutions look to Technology Solutions for Administrative Assistance

November 8, 2021 - For colleges and universities, the upward trend in sponsored students means increased enrollment. While any institution would happily accept a larger revenue stream, sponsored students come with the challenges of managing the often complex process of third party payments

Learn about TouchNet’s SponsorPoint, built to streamline third party payments.

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