PayMyTuition has launched an innovative digital campus eStore solution for educational institutions. This launch, adding to their recent all-in-one solution offering, will equip colleges and universities with a new contactless way to sell campus goods and services within a single online self-service web application, eliminating the friction that exists within traditional campus commerce payment processing solutions in the category today.

This year for the Canadian Ellucian Users Group

CEUG has hosted national conferences since 2015 with an attendance of approximately 500 registrants each year. Due to the global pandemic, we all had to pause any in-person conference. Since then we have pivoted to developing an online presence active throughout the year with news and events for our Canadian institutions and supporting our corporate sponsors. CEUG.CA serves as a focal point for Canadian Ellucian clients and their valued vendors together virtually to share and learn from each other. This year, we plan for the following actions:

  • Increase the Virtual Presence and CEUG Membership for support and advocacy
  • Virtual collaborations between institutions including webinars
  • Virtual Corporate Sponsorship to support CEUG and our members with information on solutions and services
  • CEUG 2022 Webinar Week
  • Point of Contact for members, Ellucian and Corporate Sponsors
  • Planning for 2023
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Smart Steps to a Strong PCI Foundation
by TouchNet

Keep up with changing PCI Compliance Standards and what they mean for your campus. Touchnet highlights Smart Steps to a Strong PCI Foundation. 

Compliance with PCI standards is a substantial ongoing project for even the smallest organization. For higher education, where institutions have the size and complexity of an entire city, PCI compliance can be a formidable challenge. Managing and achieving compliance is made easier by creating a durable foundation that supports the people, processes, policies, and technology involved in payment processing.

Read more on how starting starting with a strong foundation can ease the work of compliance.

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