Nominations, Elections and Vacancies

Nominations, Elections & Vacancies


  • Member representatives shall nominate candidates for Directors with an intent to seek nominees from across Canada;
  • The Chair will announce to all members of CEUG the intent to seek nominations;
  • Nominations may be submitted to any Director; and
  • No name shall be placed before the members for voting without the consent of the nominee.

Board Elections 

  • Board elections shall be conducted at the annual CEUG Business Meeting;
  • All Directors will be elected by a simple majority vote during the Annual Business Meeting at the annual CEUG conference;
  • The ballots will be counted by the Secretary and verified by the Treasurer;
  • The Chair will announce the results; and
  • All newly elected Directors will assume their roles after announcement of the results.


  • In the event of resignation or other inability to serve of any Directors, the Board shall name an interim Director who shall serve for the balance of the current year.